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19 Mar 2019
Patio with Firepit

Hardscaping Work

Hardscaping construction work includes many elements of landscaping. It is the frame to build your outdoor living space. Below we mention just a few of many materials used in hardscaping.

The interlocking patio pavers are one of the latest pavement systems as of today.

It is using an ancient technology in today’s pavement architecture. Using an interlocking feature between and among the pavers, it made a better paving system with more durability, vitality, design, and class. One of the known advantages of interlocking concrete paver is that there will be less movement in the pavements because of the constraining power of the pavers interlocked with one another. This enables stability in the cold climate, even in accommodating heavy vehicles. The interlocking patio paver system also enables an easy-repair function on each paver without much trouble. For this particular reason, the maintenance cost of pavers is at the least. Due to their durability, the chances of damaging the interlocking concrete pavers are very small. The benefits of Interlocking Concrete Pavers are many:

  • A large variety of paver styles
  • Many color choices
  • Create your custom design
  • Low maintenance
  • 30 year + life expectancy
  • No cracking
  • 3 times stronger than poured concrete
  • Perfect for our climate freeze-thaw conditions
  • Natural drainage
  • Environmental-friendly
  • And more…

Concrete Block Retaining Wall Benefits.

  • We do not recommend using lumber to build retaining walls. Lumber will not last very long in our climate and you will have to spend your money again. If you ever decide to sell your property, old broken lumber retaining wall will create liability issue and make it less desirable for potential buyers.
  • With similar installation cost, there are many attractive precast concrete block systems available. Also called segmental retaining walls, they offer extreme durability and long-lasting beauty. Well designed, correctly installed interlocking pavers and concrete block retaining walls will add value to your property.
  • Contact us today to increase the value of your property

Natural Stone has been the building material of choice for thousands of years.

Walk the streets of ancient civilizations or the buildings throughout Europe and see the enduring value and beauty of natural stone that no man-made materials can equal. Stone retaining and garden walls look and feel the natural increasing value of your property. With stone masonry Vivid Garden can enhance your backyard building retaining walls, outdoor fireplaces, pizza ovens, and kitchens. If you desire we will build any stone masonry structures indoors too. On the other hand, natural stone flagstone pathways and patios will not just increase value but give your property unique character and feel. Natural stone as a construction material has no limitations it’s known for its beauty and durability.

Stone, quarried from around the world, comes in many beautiful styles, varying in color, pattern, and use. We are fortunate to have a great choice of locally available materials. Vivid Garden uses many types of stone depending on our client’s desire and application. Natural stone is available in a broad range of colors including elegant black, navy blue, versatile neutrals, stunning gold sandstone, vibrant blue limestone, and countless multi-color types. Stone patterns range from close featured pebble size patterns to broad, spectacular veins desirable in landscaping and everything in between.

Vivid Garden uses local stone large vein pattern stones to create dynamic effects. Very attractive and wanted for use in landscaping projects. When correctly designed and placed, stones will create a simulation of a natural mountain site setting in your back or front yard. Designing and building of any waterfall, pond or other water feature would be almost impossible without using natural stone. With our years of experience, Vivid Garden will design and install your water garden custom design to your family needs, suggesting the best and most cost-effective stone material options available.

Learn about our landscape design and construction process.

Browse our collection of pictures below to find ideas for your property. Call for a design consultation today to create Hardscaping and Stonescape of your dreams.

You and your family can enjoy finished project without paying for it right away. We have custom tailored financing plans available o. a. c. for all our landscape construction and home improvement projects. Seniors No G.S.T.

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19 Feb 2018
Basement Development

Home Renovations

After many years working in the construction industry, we were able to assemble a crew of highly skilled and experienced tradesman. This gives us the edge.

Vivid Garden can complete any home renovation or small to mid-size commercial renovation and construction work.

Since we employ the team of a highly qualified tradesman, we offer a full array of home renovation services. This keeps us busy all year around. Vivid Garden home improvement and construction work include:

  • Poured concrete (foundations, garage floors etc.)
  • Framing and home additions.
  • Garage construction and renovations.
  • Basement development and renovations.
  • Painting Services.
  • Kitchen renovation and remodeling.
  • Plumbing including Natural Gass Lines.
  • Bathroom renovation and remodeling.
  • Electrical.
  • Hardwood and ceramic tile flooring.
  • Custom high-end woodwork.
  • Masonry and natural stone fireplaces, siding, walls etc.
  • Stucco and Siding
  • Soffit and Fac
  • And more...

Learn how our home renovation design and construction process works.

We offer long-term warranties to give our clients quality and total peace of mind. Browse our gallery of home renovation and improvement projects below and find ideas for your home. Contact us today to start your project.

You and your family can enjoy finished home renovation without paying for it right away. We have custom tailored financing plans available o. a. c. for all our home renovation and improvement projects

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19 Feb 2018
Commercial Landscaping Bank Branch

Commercial Landscaping

Over the years in business, we design and built many commercial landscaping projects for business buildings and public sites. Vivid Garden commercial landscaping is known for its attractiveness and sustainability. We specialize in urban landscaping design and construction for office buildings, residential multifamily condominium buildings, malls, strip malls and shopping centers, retail stores, restaurants, service locations, churches, bank branches, business locations, city landmarks etc.

Our commercial landscaping clients are looking for value, cost-effectiveness, functionality and low maintenance of the site.

This is why Vivid Garden is successfully working with architects and developers to implement creative, sustainable and unique solutions to their commercial landscaping projects. We believe, commercial landscaping is a large-scale outdoor marketing and advertising tool, to "stop the traffic" and attract more business to your enterprise. And our years of experience confirm this approach.

Learn about our commercial landscape design and construction process

Browse our portfolio of landscaping projects to find and/ or adopt ideas for your business outdoors. and contact us to market your business, improve your comfort of work and business surrounding.

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19 Feb 2018
Stamped Concrete Patio

Stamped Concrete

Stamped concrete photos here show the complexity of poured and stamped concrete installation. In our Canadian climate construction of any poured concrete hardscape elements requires a great deal of site preparation. The success of stamped concrete projects depends often on location since one of the critical requirements is very good positive drainage. Any water collecting on or under any poured concrete areas in the cold months will cause it to shift and crack.

Learn how our Vivid Garden design and construction process works.

Browse our collection of stamped concrete projects to find the ideas for your yard. Click on any image to enlarge it. Find ideas to adopt in your property development and contact us to make it the reality.

You and your family can enjoy finished stamped concrete project without paying for it right away. We have custom tailored financing plans available o. a. c. for all our landscape construction and home improvement projects.

19 Feb 2018
Masonry Outdoor Fireplace

Masonry Fireplaces

Masonry Fireplaces, and Outdoor Kitchens with Vivid Garden.

Outdoor fireplaces, kitchens, and another small architecture will add a unique character to your backyard. We offer design and build services to create a living space, custom-made for your family. Make your backyard an extension of your living room.

Vivid Garden can build for your family outdoor/ indoor fireplaces, pizza ovens, BBQs and full outdoor masonry kitchens.

Learn about our design and construction process.

We use natural stone and can also work with Client's specifications.  Contact us to create an extension of your family living space, outdoors.

You and your family can enjoy finished project without paying for it right away. We have custom tailored financing plans available o. a. c. for all our landscape construction and home improvement projects.

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19 Feb 2018
Outdoor Deck with Pergola

Outdoor Decks

Over the years Vivid Garden built many wooden and composite lumber outdoor decks. Every fence, pergola or outdoor deck is unique and custom designed to accommodate the site, our client’s needs, and lifestyle. So please, do not call and ask how much we charge per square or linear foot/ meter of deck or fence. We are not a carpet depot here, unfortunately.

At Vivid Garden we would be more than happy to give you all answers to your deck or fence project over the phone. This would make our work so much easier. Unfortunately, we are not able to do this. Every project has its different unique conditions and problems.

In order to give you an accurate estimate, we need to meet with you on site to assess the project first. Contact us to schedule consultation meeting so we can answer all the questions, you have. When you plan to build a new outdoor deck, pergola or fence you should consider several choices of materials to build it with.

The most common material to build a house outdoor deck or other structure is wood. Below are some examples of wood lumber most commonly used in Calgary area;

  • Untreated spruce. A very short lifespan of just a few years.
  • ACQ Treated Lumber. Longer lifespan, treated with chemicals.
  • Western Red Cedar. The natural material the longest lifespan of the two above and material cost is only 10-15% higher than the cost of ACQ treated lumber.
  • Tropical hardwood lumber Kayu very long lifespan and attractive, but expensive.

There are several options for synthetic composite decking options available. Browse our gallery of decks. Find ideas for your backyard, contact us today to design and build the deck for your family.

Composite decks are maintenance free. For a very long time, people were looking for maintenance free building materials. Composite decking allows building the deck you don't have to paint or keep up for years.

Over many years in business, there are many decks we built using composite decking material. Composite decking materials changed for better over the years too. Browse our collection of photos above to explore ideas for your family backyard. Outdoor decks and other structures made of the composite lumber are maintenance free. We guaranty our work for two years, and the composite material is supported by long-term manufacturer warranties.

Learn about Vivid Garden outdoor family deck design and construction process.

Use our image gallery to find and adopt the ideas in your landscape and contact us when ready to make it happen. Click on any image to view a larger picture.

You and your family can enjoy finished outdoor deck without paying for it right away. We have custom tailored financing plans available o. a. c. for all our landscape construction and home improvement projects.

19 Feb 2018
Acreage Landscaping

Acreage Landscaping

Acreage landscaping projects involve sustainable solutions applied to large residential land areas. Since there are not much space limitations, Vivid Garden can design and build a real oasis. We can use plants large at maturity.

Large shade trees, aggressive large bushes, shrubs, and aggressive perennials. Usually, there is enough space for naturalized areas to reduce maintenance, also for self-sustainable water gardens.

Acreage Landscaping may involve large retaining walls, pathways, large driveways and other structures proportionally larger than that in the city. With our years of experience in horticulture, landscape design and construction, Vivid Garden builds acreage gardens in Southern Alberta with great success.

Learn about our landscape design and construction process

Contact us to design and build your oasis.

You and your family can enjoy finished project without paying for it right away. We have custom tailored financing plans available o. a. c. for all our landscape construction and home improvement projects.

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18 Feb 2018
Planting trees, shrubs and perennials

The Garden

This area of Vivid Garden Gallery contains images of projects involving design and planting of trees, shrubs, and perennials. Plants are the essential part of any landscaping project. The correct choice of trees and shrubs will determine the character and quality of your garden for years to come. At Vivid Garden we specialize in custom landscape design. Every family has different needs and likes. We use trees, shrubs, and perennials chosen by the client according to his/ her personal preferences of colors and textures. Our job is to create custom landscape design based on unique requirements of every family.

Learn about Vivid Garden’s landscape design and construction process. 

With our years of experience in all aspects of gardening and horticulture, we will help you to avoid costly mistakes. We can design and develop your garden, so your family can enjoy it, almost right away. When planting trees, shrubs or perennials one of the most important factors is their location. We will choose the best trees or shrubs for the place and climate. This will guarantee your garden will be functional and looking great for many years. Browse images from Vivid Garden’s projects with trees and other plant material to find ideas for your outdoors. Contact us today to make it the reality.

You and your family can enjoy finished the garden project without paying for it right away. We have custom tailored financing plans available o. a. c. for all our landscape construction and home improvement projects.

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