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Landscape Construction Service

Vivid Garden has over 30 years of experience in all phases of residential and commercial landscape construction and our client-focused approach makes us the best landscaping company in town!
Vivid Garden offers custom landscape design and landscape construction services backed by the best installers in the landscape and construction industry. We support our landscaping construction and home renovation clients with one of the best warranties available in Calgary.

Getting the best price for your home Includes creating its landscape for curb appeal.

If you own a home, then sooner or later you are going to be ready to sell that home. Maybe you’ve already sold a home or two. People tend to move more often than our parents did. There are a lot of things that go into getting the best possible price for your home in Calgary, but the very first thing your home needs is visual curb appeal.

Learn about our Calgary landscape design and construction process.

When a prospective buyer, or a realtor for that matter, pulls up in front of your home, they immediately form an opinion about your house. Fair or not, that’s what people do. You can have the most beautiful home in the city, but if prospective buyers don’t get a super positive feeling about your house the minute they lay eyes on it, they are going to enter and view the rest of your house with a negative impression. Fixing that problem is easy enough to do.

Vivid Garden is the landscape construction company with many years of experience in landscape design and construction.

We use our extensive horticultural experience to design and build unique custom gardens. We want our clients to be there from the moment we get to the job until the end of the job so that they can have as much input as possible to make their vision a reality.
Our landscape design and construction process enable the clients to create fully personalized serene outdoor living spaces for their families to enjoy for years.  Contact us today and create your Dreamscape!
Best of all, you and your family can enjoy the finished project without paying for it right away. We have custom-tailored financing plans available o. a. c. for all our garden development and home improvement projects






Key Benefits of the Landscape Construction  Service

When people pull up in front of your house there are two things they see. A house, and the landscaping in front of that house. If the landscaping is unattractive, the house will appear to be unattractive. Landscaping for curb appeal does not cost a lot of money, it’s simply a matter of making sure the landscaping is neat, with well-defined edges, textures, and colors.

  Extend your living space with a beautiful garden

  Your property value increases more with time

  With Vivid Garden you can make sure your home is landscaped just the way you want it

  We warranty our work for 2 to 3 years

  Seniors No G.S.T.

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