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Snow Removal Services

Vivid Garden Residential and Commercial Professional Snow and Ice Management Calgary N.W. and Springbank. Also Bearspaw, along highway 1A including the Cochrane area.

We rely on radar maps which update precipitation levels constantly in these areas. As soon as a possible snowfall is forecasted, our crews are on alert. We are monitoring each storm’s progress and mobilizing crews according to need. Our trucks are equipped, and ready to manage snow and ice.

Vivid Garden minimum charge for removing snow and ice around an average residential home with a sidewalk and entrance path (without stairs and driveway).

In Calgary, North West fees start from $285.00 per month, less 5% seasonal charge discount. Seniors do not pay G.S.T.

Since 1999, Vivid Garden offers snow and ice management services tailored to meet our commercial and residential clients’ needs. Residential homes, acreage driveways, condos, apartment buildings, or businesses, (medical facilities, office buildings, child care facilities, gas stations, shopping centers i.e.) supply us with a list of their individual needs and, we clear those sites by the specified time, to deliver immediate access to those locations.

Our crews will keep the specified areas free and clear of snow, either for a set monthly rate or seasonal rate with a 5% discount. Seniors don’t pay G.S.T. Crews will come out at a minimum of 5 cm of snowfall (unless otherwise specified) and up to five (5) times per month up to once every 24 hours. Should there be a need for more snow and ice-clearing trips, extra charges per service call will apply, based on 1/5 of your monthly charge.

Ice melt (safe for concrete surfaces) is applied as it is necessary and is free of charge – included in your residential or commercial service contract. Snow and ice are cleaned 24/7 including holidays completed by the time specified by you in the service agreement, or within 12 hours of snowfall cessation, and always within 24 hours for clients who don’t choose the specific time in our contract agreement. Snow and Ice removal services can be customized to fit your needs.

We have the equipment to accommodate any residential, or commercial client while providing the best possible solution for your property. From a simple application of sidewalk ice melt products to plowing snow in parking lots, we can provide the equipment and skilled teams to handle the challenges of winter weather.
















Key Benefits of the Snow and Ice Removal Service

We are experienced and reliable. You can count on us to clear snow and ice from your parking lots, driveways, pathways, and sidewalks, so you can keep up a safe, snow, ice, and liability-free residential or commercial property! No matter what the winter weather may bring this season.

  24/7 Service.
  Personalized schedules.
  Up to 2 times within 24 hours.
  Free ice melt.
  Seniors no G.S.T.

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